Friday, April 29, 2011

Catching up with Bendigo Woollen Mills

Once a week I spend the day playing catch up, adding the finishing touches to any projects not quite yet done, taking photos and browsing the net for inspiration, and as always, looking for free patterns and interesting tutorials. To stick to my commitment to posting daily, I'll share with you something that I thought was a fabulous find.... although I really can't take the credit for this find, this was my Mum!

Bendigo Sample Cards

Bendigo Woollen Mills

"From 2 to 12 ply in over 100 different colours, we have the largest range of natural fibre yarns anywhere in the world. An endless selection of exquisite yarns are yours to select - Pure Australian Wool, 100% Alpaca and blends with Mohair, Silk, Angora, and other boutique natural fibres. With dozens of fashionable patterns to choose from, there is something for everyone and all direct from the factory."

The biggest attraction to Bendigo Woollen Mills is that they have an enormous colour range, over 100 colours, and many of the colours are available in different ply variations.  They will send out a package of colour swatch cards to you so that you can see the actual colours.  Their prices are also outstanding, no doubt a reflection of the saving from buying direct from the manufacturer, but $12 for a 200g ball of 100% pure wool is pretty unbeatable.

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