Friday, June 10, 2011

Catching up with Meljen's Designs Digital Stamps

Once a week I spend the day playing catch up, adding the finishing touches to any projects not quite yet done, taking photos and browsing the net for inspiration, and as always, looking for free patterns and interesting tutorials. To stick to my commitment to posting daily, I'll share with you something that I thought was a fabulous find.

I have a love for digital stamps, they are instantly delivered, incredibly verstatile and very economical.  I think many stamps are so situational that they might only see use once or twice.  To spend $8 - $15 for an image I might only use once in a blue moon doesn't make a lot of sense to me, however, most digital stamps cost around $3 each.  They can be resized to whatever dimensions you desire and printed onto many different types of papers.  I use a laser printer and can run up to 250gsm card stock easily.

Melissa Jenkins is "Meljen's Designs" is one of my favourite digital stamp designers, and she has produced one of the largest ranges of images I have found anywhere.  You can find her work at the following places:

Her stamps are available exclusively through Whimsy Stamps.

Her challenge blog offers free digital stamps every Monday, and there is a blog package of over 20 free stamps.  Also, unlike other blogs I have found that have their freebies up for a limited time only, you can spend time on the blog going back through the archives and retrieving months worth of freebies.

Her personal blog has information about her, latest releases and more freebies!

An hour spent browsing through her blogs will not only give you a wonderful source of inspiration, but also net you over 30 free digital stamps!  I can't re-post a freebie here without breaking the angel policy,  but I did want to show you an example of her gorgeous work, so this little guy includes the whimsy stamps watermark and a link to purchase.

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