Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inaugurale Labels, Digital Distressing

Technique:  Papercrafting

linen paper
Tim Holtz Distress Inks
* Aged Walnut

graphics programme such as Gimp
Vintage Postcards Brushes by FidgetResources, you can download that free here
Halloween Brushes by Pure Anodyne, you can download that free here
various grunge brushes that you can download for free from here
Bleeding Cowboys font, you can download that free from here
corner punch tool

A few days ago I bottled my first ever attempt at beer.  It was a kit, the foolproof kind, you add a tin of starter, sugar, water and let it sit for a week and then bottle.  I'd had the kit for ages and it was long over due to be turned into beer!  My dad brewed his own beer from scratch, boiling the grains and the hops.  I remember the stink the hops made, and helping Dad sterilize the bottles with meta-bisulphate, filling and capping the bottles.   Ultimately that is where I am aiming, to make my own magnificent brews, but my first humble brew still needed a label.

It struck me as rather funny as I was making this label, that had I bought rubber stamps to achieve the same effect I did with digital brushes, it would have cost me in excess of $100 just for the stamps.  And as I was browsing through the grunge range of digital brushes, I couldn't help but think of Tim Holtz who has become famous for creating a range of rubber stamps from these very same images.  Wish I had thought of that a decade ago!

Anyway, the label itself was pretty simple to make, as always the hardest part was the design process.  I started with a rectangular white canvas in Gimp, 'stamped' in the postcard at about 20% opacity, stamped in the raven at 100%, added the text "Inaugurale" (yes I know *groan*) and then used the distress brushes to grunge up the corner and add a few scratches.  I printed it out on linen paper, cut out the rectangular labels and then trimmed them with a corner punch and then aged with some distress inks.


For my friend who calls me "little miss perfect and not challenged by anything" I will have you know this took me all freaking day to design!  Worth it in the end though =)

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