Friday, August 26, 2011

Catching up with Journal Artista

Once a week I spend the day playing catch up, adding the finishing touches to any projects not quite yet done, taking photos, cleaning the mess I have made in my room throughout the week and browsing the net for inspiration, and as always, looking for free patterns and interesting tutorials.

I haven't tried art journalling yet.  Just as I was with stamping, I am a little wary of the financial outlay.  Hehe I was reading a card making and stamping magazine the other day and on the cover it proclaimed proudly "Save money make your own cards!".  I think with the amount I have spent since May I could have bought shares in Hallmark, and I have forced myself to be very conservative with my spending!  Art journalling appears to require a whole new set of tools and materials.

I also don't consider myself to be terribly artistic.  There's a movie that I love called "Chasing Amy" which features two comic book artists, Holden and Banky.  Holden draws the comics, he creates the world, the characters, it's his imagination and vision that brings the comic to life.  Banky inks the comic, he takes Holden's pencil drawings and inks the outline and adds any shading, colour etc.  I'm Banky, which is why I love stamping so much.  I don't know if I have the imagination and vision to be an art journalist.

Anyway, I love the techniques used in art journalling and while researching Derwent's Inktense pencils, I came across the website and youtube of Journal Artista.

You can find her website here.

You can find her Youtube videos here, where you can find over 60 videos on techniques, tutorials and product reviews.  The following video shows a corrugated cardboard technique, something we can easily use in card making.


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out!

  2. Paula is fab and you can also catch her shows live via UStream on wed & sat @ 9pm EST so you get to ask her questions and be apart of the process :O)