Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Book 2013 - Celebration & Courage

Week 6 Celebration & Courage

Hello again!  Week 6 of Life Book 2013 is with the gorgeous, beautiful, radiant Tamara Laporte.  Our challenge is to choose a totem animal, one that represents courage, and using masks and inks create a background and and then paint an image of ourselves so that essentially the animal totem is almost like a shadow that we cast.

Tamara chose a bear as her animal, and looking at the other students work there were bears, panthers, lions, eagles and elephants, all animals that are readily identified with courage and strength.  I went a slightly different route.  One of the scariest things for many people is to sit quietly with yourself.  We drown out our inner wisdom with television, radio and all manner of white noise, and it seems rarely we can sit in the quiet and just listen to ourselves.

I chose the raven as my totem animal, the whisperer of wisdom, and the image of myself is one in a meditative pose, sitting quietly under the full moon.  I pray for the courage to be still and listen to what I need, and then have the wisdom to know best how to fulfill those needs.

The background is done solely solely with distress inks.  The gnarled tree border and the raven are cut and torn from regular photocopy paper painted black.  The image of myself is drawn onto book paper and coloured with matt acrylics and given detail with Prismacolor pencils.

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