Monday, December 30, 2013

Life Book 2013 - Heart Sight

Heart Sight

Week 32 of Life Book 2013 is with Effy Wild who taught us some fabulous layering and texturing techniques. This was a fabulously fast and fun page to create but very striking with a powerful message.

Life Book 2013 - A Series of Quirky Birds

Quirky Birds 

Week 14 of Life Book 2013 is with Tamara Laporte, and she encouraged us to get a little quirky and create some funky little birds.  I really loved this project, and it ended up being a portrait of myself and my partner in a little love nest, see how where their beaks touch it forms a heart?  The nest itself is made from the printed lyrics from a song by the Dixie Chicks called Easy Silence.  See what I did there... birds, nest, chicks!

High School Memories Begin Soon

Wow, New Years Eve already!  I spent all of this year focused on my own studies and health.  This month I am proud to say that I have completed my Diploma of Counselling and have applied to University to continue forward with a Bachelor of Health Sciences.  This gives me a few precious months to relax and get some crafting done!

School Album Cover

At the end of my school year I completed a project in anticipation of my son starting his first year at high school.  The pattern for this project comes from the talented Kathy Orta and is called A Year In Review.

School Album Cover

This is a gorgeous pattern, creating a HUGE album that has plenty of pockets and large areas for big photos, school certificates and awards.

School Album Inside

Inside are 3 different styles of pages, repeated 4 times, for a total of 12 pages. One for each month.

School Album Inside

The thing that I loved most about this album is the massive amounts of storage. It can fit full report cards, drawings, pictures and awards.

School Album Inside

The perfect way to document my little monkey's achievements during his first year of high school!