Saturday, June 4, 2011

White Rabbit Altered Domino

White Rabbit Domino

Technique: Collage/Papercraft

Jabberwocky paper by Graphic 45
glue or gel medium
clear crackle medium
acrylic paints
fine grade sandpaper

Dremel tool

Use the dremel to drill a hole in each end of the domino.  Lightly sand the domino to give the paint and glue a better surface for adhesion and wipe clean to remove any dust.

Cut your image to size and glue into position with your glue of choice, or gel medium, which I love using for these dominos.  You can glue just on the flat side of the domino and leave the other side plain, or you can glue images on both sides, or you can glue over the side with dots and paint the flat side, whichever sparks your imagination!  I like covering both sides with images, that way there is no right or wrong way to hang them on the tree.

When dry, sand the edges of the paper to ensure they are flush with the domino and paint the edges.  When the paint is dry apply a coat of crackle medium.  Allow to dry off overnight and finish with a coat of varnish or sealant.  Apply bling and hang.  I have used gold crochet thread and antique gold style beads.

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