Friday, September 2, 2011

Catching up with Crafty Storage

Once a week I spend the day playing catch up, adding the finishing touches to any projects not quite yet done, taking photos and browsing the net for inspiration, and as always, looking for free patterns and interesting tutorials.  

Where do you craft?
The major living areas of our house are relatively open plan (thanks to some creative renovations!).  The lounge room and dining room are one big room, and the dining room and kitchen are divided by a breakfast bench, so if you stand at the kitchen bench you can see right through to the lounge.  At the beginning of this year my storage space was two book cases in the dining room, and my work space was the kitchen bench.

This became increasingly frustrating, having to clean away what I was working on before every meal, or risk it getting dirtied as others prepared food in the house.  So I cleared out the spare bedroom of everything and moved my craft stuff in there.

It's still not fancy, I work on a 6' long trestle table, have plain wooden book cases with stacking baskets and round tubs to try and organize everything, but I can shut the door and be at peace, or close it off from wandering pets and people without worrying about half done projects being disrupted.  As finances permit I will start remodelling in there to specifically accommodate my crafting equipment, which is where this site deserves a mention.

Crafty Storage is a blog dedicated to showcasing craft storage ideas, how to stash your stash.  It has tonnes of ideas submitted by readers, not just for organizing entire rooms, but fabulous ideas for specific products like holders for your Copic pens, stamp and ribbon organizers etc.

I've spent hours committing the sin of envy and drooling over many of the work spaces.  Mostly I can't even imagine how some people have so many crafting supplies!  I imagine I will get there eventually LOL

Here are two of my favourite posts, ranging from one extreme to the other.

First is Jane's Creative Cupboard, which is literally a crafting space in the under the stairs cupboard space.

And in complete contrast is Dawn's Creation Station, a complete cottage set aside for her crafting.  I just loved the exterior decorations she chose!

I hope you enjoy looking through the blog as much as I did :o)

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