Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sardines Please

Sardines Please

Technique: General Crafting

clean sardine can
cats with sardines print found here
beading wire
spray adhesive

wire cutters
Dremel tool

When I saw this sardine can in the store I knew just what to do with it. First step, feed the sardines to the cats (blech). Next, clean the can scrupulously, several times to be sure, and let it air. If, when dry, it has the slightest whiff of anything fishy, soak it in a bleach solution and clean it again.

When dry, use it as a template to cut a piece from the cardstock and one from the print.

Using the spray adhesive, attach the print to the card and fanangle it into the can (by fanangle I mean bend it ever so slightly, only enough to ease it in, not enough to crease it.

Use the Dremel to drill to holes in the top of the can for the hanger. Push a BBQ skewer in through the holes and push the print to the front of the can. Mine was a nice snug fit, but if yours is relatively loose, run a rim of glue around the inside lip of the can and then push the print up against it so it stays put. Leave dry if necessary and make a hanger from the wire and push through the holes, securing with glue if needed.

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