Friday, March 18, 2011

Snowflake Lace Ornament

Snowflake Lace Ornament

Technique: General Crafting

acrylic paints
styrofoam ball
felt snowflake(s) or ribbon
foam glue
iridescent medium

paintbrushes and/or painting sponges
I found this lovely blue snowflake trim at my local craft store. It is made from felt and intended for scrapbooking pages, but works well for any kind of embellishment.

Paint the ball in a mixture of white and pale blue, I went a few shades lighter than the snowflakes for contrast and for that icy blue feel, but you could go several shades darker instead if you prefer. Allow to dry and apply the snowflakes to the ball using foam glue and allow to dry. Neither felt nor foam are fond of sticking to anything, in the end I saturated the felt and draped it around the ball and allowed it to dry.

I wanted a shimmer to this that was more subtle than glitter so I dappled the surface with iridescent medium.  Spray with a gloss varnish or sealant to finish.

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