Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life Book 2015 Creating A Dream Catcher

Life Book 2015 Dream Catcher

Rachel Rice was our fabulous instructor this week and she guided us through making a dream catcher using a vintage crochet doily and paper feathers on top of a collaged background.

For my background I used a scan of an old text book my Mother used in the sixties when she was in highschool.  It is old and stained and contains handwritten notes inside the covers.  Throughout the lesson Rachel talked about how using the vintage doily connected her to the women that have come before us, and I felt using my Mother's old text book pages did the same thing.

Stained Book

I wanted to avoid the bulk in my journal so I used ink and pencil on top of the collage to create the dreamcatcher.  I'm not sure it ended up being what I envisioned at the start, but I am happy to call this one done!

Life Book 2015 Dream Catcher

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