Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Life Book 2015 - Joy Jar

Joy Jar

Week 2 of Life Book introduces a fun project called the 'joy jar'.  The idea is to keep the jar somewhere prominant and every time something joyous happens write it down on a slip of paper and pop it into the jar.  Continue to fill the jar throughout the year, then on New Years Eve open it up and reminisce about all the joyful things that happened throughout the year.

The tutorial showcased a collaged jar, but I wanted my jar to remain transparent so that you could see the scraps of paper inside as it fills up.  I used copic markers to colour the jar in blues and greens and then spritzed it with isopropyl alcohol to get the mottled effect.  I really loved the bubbly effect this technique created.  The copic markers are alcohol based, once dry they won't smear or smudge.  I also added a sprinkling of fairy dust (glitter).

Joy Jar

The 'joy' tag is a wooden ornament I bought at a thrift shop a few years ago, sprayed with ink and then rubbed with iridescent medium to give it some shimmer.  This was a really simple project, but I think the end result was really special!  Have yourselves a joy filled day!

Joy Jar

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