Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Flowers

Easter Egg Flower

Technique: General Crafting

wooden bbq skewers
green food colouring
silk flowers
mini easter eggs

Soak the skewers in green food colouring for around 30 mins or until they are thoroughly green and then put on a sheet of newspaper and allow to dry thoroughly. Don't be tempted to use paint for this step, it must be food safe.

When the skewers are dry thread a silk flower over the point and then stick the point into the bottom of a mini easter egg to form the flower. I found that the petals from a cheap dollar store Hawaiian lei worked perfectly for this, I got a few dozen out of a $2 lei.

To present the bouquet you can make a bunch out of out a dozen and wrap a decorative ribbon around the stems, or you can place them in a vase or planter filled with shredded green paper or more eggs or both!
Easter Egg Flower

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