Monday, April 25, 2011

The Flower Garden Purse Pt 1

Flower Bag Finished

Technique: Crochet

8 ply yarn in various colours;
blue and green for the bag
3 complimentary colours for the flowers
4mm hook
tapestry needle

The original pattern for this purse appeared in Crochet World Magazine 2007. I'm sure I'd get in trouble for republishing the pattern here, but I can take you through what I did step by step.

If you would like the original pattern I can highly recommend subscribing to Crochet World. It is $16 per year for a digital subscription, and that instantly gives you access to several years worth of back issues. Fantastic Value.

OK onto the instructions, and mine differ somewhat to the original. The instructions are part of an ongoing project, see the related posts below if you have come across them in the incorrect order:

Part 1, The Flowers (you are here!!)
Part 2, The Bag
Part 3, The Liner
Part 4, Construction

In total you will be constructing:
12 flowers
1 bag body
1 bag insert/liner
2 straps

Today, I made the 12 flowers, 6 large and 6 small. The flowers are basically a circle, so start with a chain 4 and then double crochet around until you have the size that you want, and then slip stitch to close. Leave a nice long tail on the flowers, you can use that to attach them to the bag later.

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