Friday, July 15, 2011

Catching up with Fonts For Peas

Once a week I spend the day playing catch up, adding the finishing touches to any projects not quite yet done, taking photos and browsing the net for inspiration, and as always, looking for free patterns and interesting tutorials. To stick to my commitment to posting daily, I'll share with you something that I thought was a fabulous find.

I have found that every new thing I make requires a font, requires it's own font! I guess it's because each has it's own feel, and there really isn't a one font suits all. So I did the happy dance when I stumbled across Kevin Amanda's site which offers two huge arrays of fonts.

The first is handwriting fonts, which she creates from samples sent in by her readers. Dozens and dozens of beautiful fonts can be downloaded for free at Fonts For Peas. Loopy, lazy, scrawled, elegant, they are all here!

The second is scrap booking fonts in all shapes and sizes, fun, quirky, enough that I think even I could find a font for every mood!

These are just four from dozens and dozens she has available, all free to download, most conveniently packaged in monthly zip files.

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