Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Robot Ornament

Robot Ornament

Technique:  Papercraft

1.5mm balsa wood
Xtron paper by Kaisercraft
beading wire
silver glitter
small wooden beads
silver acrylic paint

craft knife
hot glue gun

After making the card for my son's birthday I thought the robot paper I used could be adapted to make a great ornament.

Start by painting 9 small wooden beads in silver acrylic paint and set these aside to dry.

Choose an image that you like and glue it onto a sheet of balsa.  I chose balsa wood for the base, rather than chipboard, because it is so much easier to cut with a craft knife and it sands back so easily (I used an emery board!).  When the image is dry cut around a few millimetres from the paper and then sand it into shape.

Wrap some beading wire around a knitting needle to form the coils of the limbs and one to form the hanger/antenna from the top of the head.  Thread a bead onto each end and then glue into position on the back of the robot with hot glue.  Coat the back of the wood with glue and cover liberally with silver glitter, this will camoflauge where the limbs were attached.

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