Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Wrapped Up

Mummy Cork*it

I've spent two days struggling with my copics.  I usually buy my blending card from a local store, and it's sold unlabelled so I don't know what brand it is, but I like it.  When I visited a different store they sold the branded Xpress card so I bought some of that and I hate it!  I feel like it is less 'absorbant' than the other, so it doesn't take long for the ink to start pooling on top of the page, and then once that happens it starts streaking.  As I was working with brown all I achieved was various shades of mud, streaky horrible mud.  I should have been colouring pigs!  

So time to put the pens down for a bit.

This little guy is made from crochet, but he is dead easy (I made a punny!).  The body is done in crochet then slipped over a champagne cork, so he is only a wee little thing.  A cute little desk companion for halloween, or lovers of old spooky movies and all things generally macabre.

You will need 8ply wool in white and grey and a 3mm crochet hook.

To begin start with a magic circle in grey wool.

Round 1: 1 6 sc Round 2: 2 2 sc in ea sc (12)
Round 3: 3 [2sc, sc] x 6 times (18)
Round 4: 4 sc around (18)
Round 5: 5 sc around (18)
Round 6: 6 sc around (18)
Round 7: sc around (18)
Round 8: sc around (18)
Round 9: sc around (18)

Switch to white yarn
Rounds 10 - 17: sc around

Instead of binding off at the end of round 17, chain 400, this will form the bandage wrap that goes around the mummy.  Bind off.

Slip the body over a champagne cork, it will be a tight fit but the yarn will stretch.  Once he is all snug and cozy start wrapping the bandages around the mummy, securing with a few small pins or dab of glue.  I used 7mm plastic eyes that I bought at the local craft store, the kind intended for making soft toys.  Use an old knitting needle to poke holes in the cork where you want the eyes, and then just press into place.

If you don't have an old champagne cork, well, this is the perfect excuse to buy a bottle, I know I need to!

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