Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Angels

August Angel

Technique: Crochet

Hello to my new followers, I'm so glad you joined me :o)

Every week I crochet an angel and send it off to someone who is need of hope. This is fantastic way to let people know that no matter what they are dealing with, that they are not alone. Each week I blog about it in the hopes that someone who stumbles across my blog will read it and spread the word.

I was inspired by an unseasonal bout of warm weather to make all of my August angels out of a white yarn that has flecks of pastel colours running through it, with a copper halo to signify the unusual sunshine.  After a few days of wet weather the sun is out again, the puppies are out playing in the long grass and I'm about to go out and join them!

If you like to crochet and would like to register for Angels for Hope you can do so here. Also, if you know someone who is need of an Angel, you can put in your request there.

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