Saturday, January 8, 2011

Acetate Butterfly Clip


Technique used: Basic Painting

clear acetate
black marker
Tile and Glass Medium
good quality thick acrylic paints
wooden beads
beading wire
glitter paint

hot glue gun
needle nose pliers

Transfer the butterfly image to the acetate with the black marker, then cut out shape. Coat one side of the acetate with the glass and tile medium, this ensures that the paint will bond permanently. Choose 3-4 colours of acrylic paint that you think will blend well together and randomly place 2 pea size dots of each colour on one wing. Fold the butterfly in half so that the wings are touching each other and then rub over one side with your finger "smooshing" the paint between the sandwiched layers of acetate. This is exactly the same style of blob painting we learned in kindergarten. Once the paint has been spread to all the edges and there are no gaps, spread the wings apart and allow to dry overnight.

Paint a wooden peg and the wooden beads black. Thread a small piece of beading wire through the beads, forming a loop at one end and antenna at the other. Glue the acetate butterfly to the peg, then glue the beads on top of the butterfly.

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