Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cherub Tag

Cherub Tag

Techniques: Paperclay, Scrapbooking

luggage tag, either chipboard or strong card
scrapbooking embellishments
PVA glue
acrylic paints

Brown Bag Cookie Mold, or similar
rolling pin
paint brushes

With damp hands knead a golf ball sized amount of paperclay until smooth and pliable. This doesn't take long, paperclay is such a lovely medium for this type of project. It's easy to handle, forms into moulds very well, air dried, lightweight, easy to paint.

Place the ball of paperclay into the centre of your cookie mould and squish down firmly. Use a rolling pin to force it into all the creases and to ensure it reaches the edges. Once you have rolled it you should be able to gently peel back a corner and lift it out of the mould. Trim edges and allow to try.

Basecoat entire cherub plaque with a basecoat of white acrylic and allow to dry. Then paint in desired colours. Allow to dry overnight and give front and back a coat of sealant.

Embellish luggage tag with scrapbooking elements. Use the PVA glue to stick the cherub plaque to the tag. Allow to dry overnight and add a hanging cord.

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