Sunday, January 30, 2011

Felt Donut

Felt Donut

Technique: Sewing

pink and brown felt
bugle beads

needle and thread

Using a circle template draw a 3 1/2" circle onto a piece of paper. Trace a 1" circle size in the middle of the 3 1/2" circle so that you have a donut shape. If you do not have a circle template, a regular drinking glass and a shot glass will give the same result. Cut out the donut so that you have your paper template.

Cut two donuts from brown felt and one from pink felt. Working with just the pink layer, attach bugle beads to resemble sprinkles.

Layer all three pieces together and whip stitch the centre circle with pink thread. Working with only the two brown layers and brown thread, whipstitch the outside of the donut, leaving a 1" gap. Insert stuffing, pushing all the way around the donut with a chopstick until it is evenly distributed and firm to the touch. Whipstitch closed the last inch.

Switch back to the pink thread and whipstich down the outside edge of the pink felt. Stitch a piece of pink ribbon in place if you wish to hang the donut.

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