Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crochet Bookworm Book Mark

Book Worm

Technique: Crochet

8 ply yarn
wiggly eyes

5mm crochet hook
hot glue gun

Leaving a 6 inch tail at the beginning, chain 75, 3 single crochet into second chain from hook, and 3 single crochet in the next 20 chains, slip stitch to foundation chain and slip stitch back along the remaining length of chain. Tie off.

To make the tassle, spread your fingers and wind the yarn around them 20 times to make a loop. Slide off your hand and using the two loose tails on the worm, tie them around one end of the loop securely. Cut a 6" length of yarn and tie firmly around the loops about half an inch down from where you just secured it, this forms the head of the tassle. Snip the ends so they hang free.

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