Monday, January 3, 2011

Knitter's Ornament

Knitter's Ornament

Technique Used: General Crafting

styrofoam Ball approx 2" to 3" in size
knitting Yarn
bamboo Skewers
small Wooden Beads
PVA glue


Using scissors trim the bamboo skewers to about 6" in length making sure you trim the blunt end and keep the sharp, pointed end intact.

Insert the skewer about an inch into the ball and remove. Take the end of the yarn and make a loop about two inches long, then catch the loose ends of the loop on the pointed end of the skewer and push back into the hole that you made. This secures the start of the wool invisibly without the need for glue or pins and creates the hanging loop. Push the skewer all the way through so that it resembles a knitting needle pushed through a ball of yarn.

Wind yarn around the styrofoam ball so that it is 100% covered and you can no longer see any of the ball, this will take several rotations all the way around. When you are satisified that there is enough yarn wound around the ball cut the yarn and once again catch the loose end on the sharp tip of the bamboo skewer and push it all the way through the ball, inserting the second knitting needle and securely ending the yarn.

Glue wooden beads on the blunt ends of the bamboo skewers so they better resemble knitting needles.

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