Monday, February 7, 2011

Chinese New Year Jacket

chinese top

One of the Chinese New Year traditions is to create banners and write upon them symbols of luck, fortune, health, wealth or whatever else you would like to bring into your life in the new year. This cute little jacket incorporates four such symbols.

Technique: Plastic Canvas

worsted weight wool (8-12 ply)
7 count plastic canvas
bamboo skewer
wooden beads
tacky glue

tapestry needle

Using the chart below as a guide, complete the jacket with continental stitch, overcasting edges in red. A line of backstitching in gold was done between the outer red border and the overcast edge.

I have drawn the symbols in gold on the chart to make the lines more visible, you could do them on the jacket in gold if you wish, or red as I did. This is what the symbols on the jacket represent:

Cut the bamboo skewer slightly wider than the jacket and glue wooden beads at each end. Using the metallic gold yarn and thread through one sleeve of the jacket from back to front, then tie around hanger, then form a loop, tie around hanger and then through the other jacket sleeve, front to back and tie off. Cut a square of felt slightly smaller than the back of the jacket and adhere to the back to finish.

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