Monday, February 21, 2011

Primitive Plum Pudding

Primitive Pudding

Technique: No Sew Fabric

styrofoam ball
unbleached calico
acrylic paints
cinnamon powder

pinkingshears or regular fabric scissors
painting sponge or brushes
dusting brush, or a cosmetic blusher brush
hole punch

Cut a small slice from the styrofoam ball so that it has a flat bottom. Cut a circle from the unbleached calico large enough to cover the ball and be tied at the top. I used a dinner plate as a template for mine. Gather and tie off with string.

Using the dusting brush, dust the ornament with cinnamon. Not only does this give it a gorgeous smell but it gives it that aged, primitive appearance. Cut two holly leaf shapes from the calico and paint them green and set aside to dry.

Print the two images below and glue back to back to make a double sided hang tag. Age the holly and the card with cinnamon. Make holes in the holly and tag with a hole punch and tie to the pudding with the string.

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