Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year Of The Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

February 3rd marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year in 2011. This is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac providing the inspiration for this ornament, however you could make this with the animal that symbolizes your birth year if you prefer.

Techniques: Knotting, Cut and Paste

paper mache luggage tag
red and black joss paper, or similar
white chipboard or thick card
acrylic paints
sealant, such as Liquitex or Royal Coat
pva glue
1/2 metre red cord
double sided mounting tape or foam
large bead


Cover the paper mache tag with the red and black joss paper. Print the image below onto a piece of red paper. I had some scrapbooking paper that was slightly textured, red background with a brushed gold over the top, that was perfect for this project. Glue the image onto a piece of white chipboard and cut to size. Seal both the back and front.

The square good luck knot is deceptively easy to make, all you need is a little cord, a square of paper and some good instructions. This site shows a step by step guide to tying this knot, and if you feel adventurous, there are several other tutorials for different knots.

Glue the knot to the tag with one loop pointing upwards for hanging, and the loose tails pointing straight down the middle of the tag. Using double sided mounting tape stick the rabbit to the centre of the tag. Thread the loose ends of the cord through the bead and knot securely. Pull the bead back down to cover the knot. Fray the loose ends of the cord so it looks like a tassel.

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