Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recycled Valentines Ornament

Recycled Valentines Ornament

Technique: Recycled Craft

tin can
old valentines card
roses and ribbon
Dremel Tool (or nail and hammer)

hole punch and eyelet setter
safety can opener

What a lovely and eco-friendly ornament!

Take the top off a large tin can, I used an 800g tin of peaches. It is important to use a safety opener so that the lid has no sharp edges. Use this to draw a circle on the valentines card and cut it to fit.

Put a hole in the top of the lid for the hanger, and two holes in the bottom. Use what you have, I used a Dremel tool, but you could punch a hole through using a hammer and nail. Put matching holes in the card using the hole punch and place eyelets.

Decorate with ribbon, silk roses or any embellishments that you feel match the card.

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