Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Painting The Roses Red

Paper Rose

Technique: Paper and String

an old novel
thin beading wire
acrylic paint
matt spray sealer
hot glue
bamboo skewer

wire cutters
hot glue gun

There are plenty of ways to make paper roses, a google search will even pop up with several videos. The way I made mine was a hybrid from floral artistry, first using wires to attach to the petals and leaves, and then using the wires to attach to and form the stem.

Stack five pages from the novel together and cut out 4-6 different size petals. You can do this free form without the need for a template and you will have a more natural looking flower. Start with a small teardrop shape, about the size of the fingernail on your ring finger and work up to larger almost heart shape petals. You will need about 20-25 shapes, depending on how big you want your bloom to be. Cut 2 - 3 leaf shapes as well. Cut one strip of paper about 6 inches long and half an inch wide and fold this in half so it is 6 inches long and one quarter of an inch wide.

Cut 20 or so pieces of beading wire, about twice the length of your index finger, and then fold them over in half so that they are the length of your index finger with a small loop at one end, and the two cut ends at the other. Use small dots of hot glue to attach to the pointy end of the petals.

Using red acrylic paint, colour 2 or 3 petals from each size, so that about one third of your petals are painted red and allow to dry before proceeding.

Put a dab of hot glue on the end of your skewer and attach one end of the long strip you cut, you are attaching the short end in such a manner that the folded edge is facing up and away from the tip of the skewer. Wind it around the skewer to form the inner bud of the rose. Secure with hot glue.

You should now have a skewer with a small spiral of paper stuck at one end, this will act as the foundation for wiring all of your other petals. One petal at a time, hold in place with your fingers until you have the position you desire, then twist the wire around the skewer to secure. Continue in this manner from small petal to large until your blossom is the size you require. Wire two or three leaves into position.

Cut the bamboo skewer and any long wires so that your stem is around 3 - 4 inches in length. Securing with hot glue, wrap string around the stem to cover the wires and give a nice finish. You could use green florists tape here, or ribbon, if you preferred, but I wanted to keep with the paper and string theme.

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