Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goddess Art Doll

Lammas Doll

Technique: Sewing, Painting

plain muslin or calico
acrylic paints
polyester or wool stuffing
wool scraps

sewing machine
needle and thread
sea sponge

Place your fabric so it is laying right sides together. Using the pattern, cut two pieces of cloth one quarter of an inch larger than the pattern (this is for the seam allowance). Stitch around leaving a one inch gap for stuffing. Turn right side out. Lightly stuff the head area, and then stitch around the outline for the head. Continue stuffing the rest of the body until desired firmness has been reached. Whipstitch the gap to enclose.

You now have a blank goddess doll that you can decorate for any season, any reason. For this doll I used a sea sponge to dapple rich brown, burgundy and gold paint. Allow to dry thoroughly.

The wheat is deceptively easy to paint. You will need a warm yellow such as yellow oxide and white acrylic paint. With the yellow oxide draw in three or four lines that will be your stalks. Work on the left side first and still with the yellow oxide draw in little almond shapes, with the curve touching the stalk and the peak pointing away. Do six or seven of these down the left side of each stalk.

Mix a little white with the yellow oxide so that you have a lighter shade. It doesn't have to be mixed very well, having streaks of white and yellow give a more natural appearance. Draw the same almond shape but on the right hand side of the stalk now. Lastly finish with a few long wispy lines coming out from the middle of the almond shape. See how easy that was!

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