Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hugs Given Here

Hugs Given Here

Technique: Plastic Canvas

8-12 ply wool in various colours
curly hair
gold chenille stick
hot glue

hot glue gun

A favourite of my son's who absolutely adores his hugs! He says I should hang it above my chair.

The original pattern was designed by Susan Leinberger, and can be downloaded from Membership is required, but it is free, and it's a great resource! Once a member you can download the entire PDF directly from this link.

If you are like me, and prefer to adapt as you go, then the following pattern will be enough of a guide for you. For my version I substituted one of the shades of red for pink, I changed the bow to a halo and I didn't add the eyes because I liked the way it looked with just the lashes.

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