Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beeswax Pinecones

Beeswax Pinecone

Technique: General Crafting


large tin

May is the first month that it gets cold enough to want to light the fire.  We burn a mixture of wood that includes gum and pine, the smells are glorious.

There is also something wonderfully delicious about the smell of untreated beeswax, rich and heady with the smell of honey. These pinecones are simple to make, and with a little embellishment can be used as ornaments for winter decorations or left unadorned and use as firestarters in the hearth or placed in a potpourri bowl for both visual and olfactory pleasure.

To melt the beeswax, place the chunks of it into a clean, dry can and put the can into a saucepan half full with water. Place over a medium heat until the wax has melted.

If you wish to create an ornament from the pinecone, screw the cuphook into the top of the pinecone and thread a piece of string through the hook. Dip into the melted wax and then suspend over the top of the tin and allow to dry. Embellish with ribbon, cinnamon or whatever elements you desire.

If you wish to create fire starters then you can just use a pair of tongs to pop them into the beeswax.  Roll around in the can to ensure good coverage.  Lift and allow the excess beeswax to drain and place on a sheet of a wax paper to dry.

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