Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Victoriana Cherub Ornament

Victoriana Light Bulb

Technique: Decoupage, General Crafting, Recycled

burnt out light bulb
dishwashing liquid cap
soft drink bottle cap
victorian images
acrylic paints
glass primer (optional)
hot glue
lace and other romantic trimmings
Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish
beading wire

hot glue gun
painting sponge
wire snips

I loved this project, not only is it still in keeping with the romantic feeling leading up to Valentine's Day, but it honours Thomas Edison's birthday!

If you are using a glass primer, follow the manufacturers directions. I am trialling a product called B.I.N. which is a primer that will adhere to any surface. If you are not using a primer make sure the light bulb is thoroughly clean with no grease from your fingers, otherwise the paint will not adhere properly.

Paint lightbulb in desired base colour. I used two colours applied with a sponge for a soft, dappled look.

Follow my directions here for a step by step on how to decoupage onto glass and curved surfaces.

Once dried and clean, apply two coats of a clear varnish or sealant.

Paint the cap to the dish washing liquid and soft drink bottle cap metallic gold (I primed with B.I.N. first) and apply two coats of cleare varnish or sealant.

Using hot glue, attach the dish washing liquid cap to the bottom part of the bulb. Cut a length of wire and push through the soft drink cap and secure to form a hanger then to the top of the of the bulb covering the metal fitting. Decorate with lace, beads or any other trims you desire to finish.

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