Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snow Topped Carved Ornament

Snow Topped Ornament Front

Technique: Die Cutting/General Crafting

1.5mm balsa wood
recycled Christmas cards
pva glue
white acrylic paint
craft fake snow

Sizzix Big Shot die cutter machine
Carved Ornaments die
painting sponge or stippler

Another very simple but very pretty ornament made using the Sizzix. The machine itself, and any dies that you use, do require an initial financial outlay, but once you have them you can produce ornaments for very little cost.

Cut one ornament from the balsa wood, this acts as the base. Cut two more ornaments from the recycled Christmas cards and glue one image to each side of the balsa shape and allow to dry.

Sponge a little white acrylic paint along the edges of the ornament to soften the edges and give it a 'snow dappled' look. When dry, apply fake snow liberally to the top, using a tooth pick to ensure the hanging hole remains free and clear.

Snow Topped Ornament Back


  1. This is so fantastic! This ornament would be a perfect fit on our site, If you are interested in featuring any of your tutorials on our site, let me know - my e-mail is jlitz (at) primecp (dot) com. Thanks and have a great day!